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  1. Philip & Tracy Graham
    Philip & Tracy Graham says:

    (Sunday, January 31 16 12:06 pm EST)
    My wife and I had a new house built in Joshua on just over a acre of land. A fence did not come as part of the home construction and we have to medium size dogs. I contacted several fence builders
    everyone but Gene said it would be two weeks before they could even meet with me to provide a quote. Gene met with me the same day I contacted him and gave me a quote on the spot. I work in a
    construction related industry and knew immediately that it was a very good price, plus he told me that he would start the same day we closed on the house and would be done in 3 days. Three days to
    install 6 foot high chain link fence around an acre of land is a tall order. He and his crew were true to their word and we received a very nice good looking chain link fence in short order. Our dogs
    are enjoying the freedom of their large back yard due to Gene’s quick and great work. He is a man of his word.

  2. Ava Myers
    Ava Myers says:

    (Wednesday, January 06 16 10:42 pm EST)
    I have dealt with Gene 3 times. The first time he fixed my fence and did a great job. The second time, he gave me a bid and wasn’t the least bit pushy or upset when I decided not do that job.
    Impressive! On my final job, Gene bid my job within 24 hours of reaching him, he started the job after the weekend and finished the job very promptly. His price was great. He was so accommodating. 5

  3. Al beaty
    Al beaty says:

    (Thursday, August 20 15 08:40 am EDT)
    I called standard fence he came out the next day gave me a great price.Gene took down old fence and haul off.Very professional fence builder.Dont waste your time calling around. Gene is the man when
    it comes to fence building.Thanks Gene.

  4. Kathy Smuck
    Kathy Smuck says:

    (Wednesday, August 12 15 09:59 pm EDT)
    Finally a contractor that did what they said they would do. Beautiful fence. Great price. Took down, cleaned up. Honest. What more can you ask…Thank you Gene!!

  5. Marian and Daryl Carlsen
    Marian and Daryl Carlsen says:

    (Monday, July 27 15 05:18 pm EDT)
    Gene designed and installed a ranch fence on our property. Standard did an excellent job and after one week, we have referred them to neighbors. We are very pleased with our new fence and
    workmanship. I give Standard an excellent rating!!!

  6. Ava and Stephen Myers
    Ava and Stephen Myers says:

    (Thursday, April 23 15 01:20 pm EDT)
    I can offer an unqualified 5 stars for Gene and Standard Fence. We live in Burleson and enjoyed fast, inexpensive and professional service on a repair caused by a wind storm. The new section and gate
    make the rest of the fence look pitiful. I’ll be having the rest of the fence replaced by Gene and Standard Fence.

  7. James Freeman
    James Freeman says:

    (Friday, April 10 15 05:44 pm EDT)
    Gene is a true professional fence builder he do total Quality work.He will help in your decision making he explains everything so u can unstand fence building. His prices are reasonable . He finished
    the job on time.My neighbor also bouhgt a Fence from Gene .people are asking what co.put my fenece up

  8. Erik and Kimberly Jones
    Erik and Kimberly Jones says:

    (Thursday, March 26 15 11:09 pm EDT)
    I Called Standard Fence after seeing his add on a work truck on the Highway in N. Fort Worth and decided to try another fence contractor , figuring I’d get another arm and leg stolen from me for a
    average fence. Gene answered the phone and listened to everything I had to say , we set up for him to come out and take a look at my disaster of a fence . Gene showed up at my address after finishing
    another job he had going on that day and after seeing my sad excuse of a fence he presented me with a Jaw Dropping price I simply could not pass up . So here I am thinking this guy is too good to be
    true . Nope ! Gene and his Men did a outstanding job on my New Fence that I can be Proud of , and my neighbors only had to wait one day before they had their sides back up so they could let the pets
    out . Standard Fence and Gene did a Wonderful and Professional Job here and I wouldn’t hesitate to pass his card to anyone looking for a Quality fence and still keep both arms and legs .

    Thanks Gene

  9. Pam and Jeff Sims
    Pam and Jeff Sims says:

    Pam and Jeff Sims
    (Monday, February 02 15 01:56 pm EST)
    Well, as much as we enjoyed not having a fence around the back yard, having to take the dogs out on a leash every time made us give in. No more “wide open space”, and no more leash! Jeff started
    calling contractors to come give an estimate Tuesday morning, and a few days later we had a brand new fence. Gene McDonald with Standard Fence Co came out Tuesday morning and gave us a quote that we
    thought might be a mistake because it was so low. Jeff left more than 10 voice messages with different contractors and only 5 ever returned the call. Of those companies that did respond, ALL stated
    that the materials alone for a job this big would easily cost $6K to $8K….for the materials! The other contractors also stated that the cost of labor would be more than the materials and assured us
    that it would take a week to complete. So, we went with the only guy that actually answered the phone Tuesday morning, the only company to come to the house and give us an estimate, and ultimately
    the most reasonable price of all the quotes we received.
    Standard Fence Company took just over two days to complete! From the first handshake to the tail lights driving away when they finished …two days! SFC also paid to have a certified
    survey/inspection company come to the house and identify all the underground pipes and fiber optics so there were no issues when they started drilling holes for the fence posts. The other companies
    don’t charge for this inspection/survey either, because they DONT DO AN ISPECTION! Bottom line, awesome job. We love the fence!

    Oh, I almost forgot the best part! Not only did Gene and his team do a great job, they also did the job in just over two days, AND, Standard Fence did the entire fence including materials and labor
    for $2,000 less than any of the other companies were quoting just for the materials!! I actually had other fence companies calling and asking me how Standard Fence was able to complete the job for
    such a low cost so I asked Gene how he was able to charge half as much as the other companies and he stated “We charge far less than the other companies because we do the job fast and we do the job
    right the first time! The other contractors charge two or three times as much as we do because they take two to three times longer to complete the same job!”

    If you’re considering any fence work, don’t waste your time calling around when you can get the same job completed quicker, more professional, and definitely more economical with Standard Fence.


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